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For about 25 years we are offering expertise and solutions for people who are planning to travel abroad for a short or even for a long time. We are keeping a number of offers available, mainly focused on "insurance cover for stays abroad" as well as "independent travelling". Most of our clients have chosen our products both for educational stays abroad or to meet people and to learn about different countries and cultures.

Numerous travellers prefer spending their time abroad for reasons of a semester abroad, an overseas practicum, a language course, work and travel program, voluntary service for an aid or research project, for business reasons or their round-the-world-trip. Especially young travellers more and more take care of protecting natural resources and of meeting others without changing them or their environment.

Our aim is to encourage that motivation and to offer first-class consultancy on products and options - before, during and after your stay abroad.

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Travel insurances for stays abroad of up to 5 years, Schengen insurances and annual insurances.

STAY Travel Insurance offering numerous benefits - without deductible.

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Insurances for stays in all Schengen member states. Health insurance offering either 30,000 € necessary minimum cover or unlimited cover.

All insurances suitable for Schengen visa application!

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Travel insurance, international education, Model United Nations & Active Travel worldwide

All travel insurances for trips worldwide, extremely low premiums up to 25 years of age & without deductible.

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Travel insurances for short & long-term stays abroad, Schengen insurances and annual insurances.

STAY Travel Insurance - focused on long-term trips & without deductible.

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(cooperation partnership)
Specialized in individually designed travel programs both for single persons and travel groups. Round trips & tailor-made localized trips.

Travel programs beyond mainstream - for independent travellers.

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Boost your career in diplomacy, politics, law or economy already during your college days and acquire relevant skills for your later career.

Model United Nations Conferences worldwide for school & university students

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